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Selling to enterprises directly and through channels - maximizing global market coverage, profitability and customer executive satisfaction. For direct sales, engaging a broadening set of decision makers across lines of business, functions and levels of IT. For channels, helping partner managers demonstrate quantifiable business value to channel business owners and managers. And unifying executive engagement, consultative selling and value delivery across marketing, sales operations and solution delivery.


Consolidating new offerings to win the architectural sale: from “the internet of things”, across converged networks to hybrid cloud infrastructures. For sales, incorporating an architectural approach into solution development. For architects leading ‘enterprise architecture as strategy’ engagements. Helping portfolio managers take a customer perspective as they align new and existing products and services to the new style of IT.

Business models

Transitioning revenue and profit models to pay-per-use from purchase/maintenance. Engaging customers more consultatively: Mapping solutions to business and IT initiatives. Communicating the business value of investments in technology to customer business executives and getting credit for value you deliver. Demonstrating economies of new architectures to purchasing.

While producing sustainable results

Business value

Measureable value unique to each customer and channel: aligned to their strategy, improving functions and business process within them and producing targeted business results. This produces value for you: business growth, share of wallet, customer satisfaction and profit.


For your field force in taking a business-oriented approach. Executives experienced in leading your customers’ business and technology coach your senior sales/services and their managers - over a period of time. Your top performers demonstrate 'best practices' within your organization and across the industry leaders. Showing how your customer facing staff can exceeed budget and customer expectations with less effort.

Seamless integration

Linking your business strategy, marketing messages, portfolio, go-to-market and field enablement initiatives and tools into a cohesive customer-centered approach.

Our difference: Collaborative, applied, coached

Collaborative & customized

Our unique combination of industry experience at C-level leadership positions in business and IT, vendor line management in sales, system integration, and service and workforce development - helps us collaboratively design and deliver programs customized to support your transformation strategy and maximize the business results you need. Our program templates help us produce programs perfectly supporting the business initiatives line managers are driving, quickly and efficicntly. And work with your staff to integrate them into your go-to-market approach.

Mastery-level applied programs

Accelerate the application of your people’s skills and your organization’s products, services and capabilities to advance your customer’s strategy and yours. The focus of programs is application to your accounts and opportunities. Customers place our programs at the pinnacle of their development roadmaps to accelerate applying the executive engagement, consultative selling and industry skills they have already learned - to their accounts. Customers often use our programs to accelerate implementation of field sales and service management initiatives driving: customer executive engagement, new portfolios, team selling on winning large deals, collaboration with channel partners on maximize large accounts, implementation of corporate initiatives.

Cornered Executive Coaching

Gives participants multiple perspectives on their account strategy and plan: Customer executives, your portfolio experts, and your managers. This motivates the behavior change you are seeking in an intense, but respectful manner effective for even your most senior people. VP and C-level coaches represent your customers, product and service SMEs represent experience with your portfolio, and management (or field enablemen) represents best practices of your customer-facing sales, architects and services staff.

Executive coaching shapes content and business approach

C-level and VP Coaches

  • Ted McKie

    Ted McKie. Ted leads the Global Sales Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He develops and delivers programs for the sales and
  • Bob Simmons

    Bob Simmons. Bob leads the Global Services Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He focuses on strategies for practice optimization, solution creation,
  • Mathieu C

    General Manager and Vice President of Supply Chain and IT. Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Steel, Software products
  • Mike D

    Vice President of IT, Program manager exploration and production. Energy Industry.
  • Jeff S

    Vice President of IT, Vice President of Business Services. Financial Services.
  • Robin B

    CIO and Business Unit VP, Financial Services, Europe and Americas
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Blended and "flipped" programs catalyze change

Program templates customizable to your strategy, messages and initiatives

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  • BusinessModel
  • GoToMarket
  • Portfolio
  • Global Sales Leadership

    Global Sales Leadership helps sales executives enhance their executive engagement skills, industry insight, and business and financial acumen so they can develop collaborative business partnerships with C-level customer executives. Via coaching and collaboration, participants identify their customer’s strategy and outline where and how they can produce meaningful business value. Participants use the resulting value map to structure a discussion resulting in a mutual agenda with their customer executives. Participants produce a ‘changing the game’ action plan delineating the critical actions that will drive opportunities into won deals. This program is ideal for sales executives on high potential accounts. Components of the program include webinar, preparation, customized workshop, and executive coaching.
    • GoToMarket
  • Industry Masters

    Industry Masters helps sales and service executives sell solutions to line of business and functional managers. The program focuses on a specific industry/function and is coached by an executive with that background. This program gives participants a deeper understanding of the business processes, improvement strategies and performance indicators of the functions and persons you and your channel are targeting. Participants produce a pipeline of new customers, opportunities, value propositions, and solutions. Solutions include your portfolio. The program includes a webinar, preparation, customized workshop, executive coaching.
    • GoToMarket
  • Channel Leadership Simulation

    Channel Leadership Simulation helps your channel business managers communicate the specific impact your offerings and programs can have on a channel partner’s revenue and profit growth, market position and customer loyalty. It helps your channel managers relate your capabilities directly to the channel partner’s strategy. The program is customized to your offerings and consists of a webinar, preparation, and a workshop.
    • GoToMarket
  • Executive Sales Workforce Development

    Executive Sales Workforce Development helps your channels accelerate the development of field sales and management skills for their largest and most complex accounts. Programs include: establishing a competency model tailored to their strategy, skill assessment programs for candidate selection and professional development, and onboarding programs for accelerated sales effectiveness. These programs leverage the channel’s sales model, processes and systems.
    • GoToMarket
  • IT Budgeting and Planning

    IT Budgeting and Planning helps your sales executives better understand their clients planning, budgeting and governance processes to give them an increased appreciation of how their business proposals will be evaluated, funded and financed. The program is run virtually in two parts.
    • BusinessModel
  • IT Decision-Making Simulation

    IT Decision-Making Simulation helps sales teams understand the “decisions behind the decisions” to buy their products and services and the personas that make those decisions. Participants take on the role of key executives making business, technical and financial decisions. Participants build a technology/IT budget for a customer, create proposals for top customer initiatives, and finally act as a review board prioritizing competing investment alternatives. The IT Decision-Making Simulation is a one day workshop with embedded executive coaching. Further information. Data Sheet.
    • BusinessModel
  • Large Account Pipeline

    Large Account Pipeline synchronizes your efforts and your channels on targeted large accounts. This program is typically run for your partner’s sales executives and your partner business managers. It helps identify new opportunities critical to the large account’s business success. Participants outline the large account’s business initiatives, the required enhancements to their enterprise architecture, and the value you and your channel can provide. Responsibilities for actions are allocated between your direct sales and the partner sales team. This program is structured as a webinar, a one day planning session, and executive coaching.
    • GoToMarket
  • Large Account Strategy

    • GoToMarket
  • Leading Modern IT

    Leading Modern IT helps channel sales teams grow pipeline by taking the perspective of the management of a modern IT organization. The program helps sales executives identify opportunities to improve IT strategy, architecture, enterprise projects, operations and supporting governance, financial, portfolio, resource, quality and risk management. Participants create a customer value map aligning your and their offerings to IT strategy and foundational business needs. They practice creating a mutual agenda with key customer executives. The Leading Modern IT program contains a webinar, 2-day workshop, and executive coaching.
    • Portfolio
  • Winning Large Deals

    Winning Large Deals is an in-depth simulation that improves channel partners win rate on large deals, typically involving services. This program helps bid teams create a compelling statement of business value in addition to meeting mandatory technical requirements. Participating teams compete to win an opportunity mirroring the needs of target customers and following a typical bid process (interviews, yellow pad, best and final…). Executives play the role of key customer personas and stay in role throughout the session. Coaches help teams work more effectively and more collaboratively with the customer to present a compelling business case that meets/exceeds the technical and business requirements. Teams produce a value proposition, target solutions, pricing, term sheet, project plan, and executive engagement plan. Actual opportunity or case, 2-4 day workshop, executive coaching.
    • GoToMarket
  • Services Business Accelerator

    Services Business Accelerator helps your channels expand their services business. Through facilitated preparation, discussion and coaching, participants create a plan to enter new markets, add new services, improve global operational readiness, rapidly deploy new skills, expand resource management and share and improve quality and customer satisfaction. This program is tailored to implement your services strategy throughout the channel. The program often focuses on implementing your more complex differentiated services.
    • BusinessModel

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