Accelerate your most important sales & services initiatives
With CxO coaching that advances how account leaders:

Think like customer executives
Create business value and
Expand best practices

in programs tailored to your strategy, portfolio and sales cadence
that drive profitable growth...
OwenCollier programs drive profitable growth
per client sponsors & independent assessors
Year-year improvement in sales yield
Participants overachieve budget by winning critical opportunities

Executive-level customer satisfaction
Client CxOs are delighted from positive perceptions received from customer executives (and repeat business)
Accelerated impact of investments in
portfolio, partners & processes
Tailoring with your thought leaders ensures programs accelerate your strategies and initiatives
To get these results, account leaders must think like customer executives...
Think like customer executives
CxO executive coaches engage sales & service account leaders
challenging, collaborating and expanding 360 degree thinking...
Identifying new places to add value
With deeper intelligence into customer strategies, initiatives and projects
Selecting from their customer's industry
Best practices for managing the business, financials, technology/portfolio, people and processes
Networking across portfolio & partners
For successful approaches using your technology/ portfolio addressing similar opportunities and challenges
Collaborating across customer
Divisions, departments and functions for additional perspectives on opportunities, challenges and approaches to leverage
Focusing on where, how and why to create business value...
Create Business Value
Graduates succeed with value they create
for customers, your company & their team, by
Focusing on initiatives most critical for the customer
Derived from customer/industry research and discussions with peers, thought leaders and executive coaches
Creating innovative solutions with portfolio & partners
That drive value for the customer, company and the sales team
Scoping compelling proposals
Based on collaboration with customer business, financial and technical executives
to size and time investment, risk & return
Deliverables include a one-page, customer-sharable,
visualization of how account leaders will create value

Account leaders demonstrate best practices to put this into action...
Expand best practices of account leadership
Executive coaches, peers & thought leaders challenge participants in an intense, respectful, manner, as they discover, model & replicate best practices applying portfolio & partners to customers
Share, compare & contrast their innovative ideas

Coaches challenge participants from multiple perspectives - customer management, and experience with similar customer initiatives, partners and solutions.

This results in participants ability to apply deeper business, financial and technology / portfolio management acumen to their customer
Practice conversations with new decision-makers and influencers

Building confidence to initiate and conduct these critical conversations...

And stimulates competitive nature of sales to succeed.
Checkpoints reinforce progress

Change requires inspecting what you expect - completed deliverables from the program and progress with their customer

Post workshop, participants share progress - what is working, failing and what needs revision

Changes comes from continuing self-assessment, share, compare and contrast
Deliverables include shareable sales plans and vision for success to
make business value a reality

We help expand these skills in tailored programs...
Programs tailored to your strategy, portfolio and sales cadence
With focus on building applied business, financial and technology/portfolio management skills that accelerate your most important initiatives.

Some examples...
Drive breakout growth in a customer...

Outcome-Based Selling
Helps sales executives enhance their executive engagement skills, industry insight, and business and financial acumen so they can develop collaborative business partnerships with C-level customer executives. Via coaching and collaboration, participants identify their customer's strategy and outline where and how they can produce meaningful business value. Participants use the resulting value map to structure a discussion creating a mutual agenda with their customer executives. Participants produce a 'changing the game' action plan delineating the critical actions that will drive opportunities into won deals. This program is ideal for sales executives on high potential accounts. Components of the program include webinar, preparation, customized workshop, and executive coaching.
Spread success across similar customers...

Industry Masters
Helps sales and service executives sell solutions to line of business and functional managers. The program focuses on a specific industry/function and is coached by an executive with that background. This program gives participants a deeper understanding of the business processes, improvement strategies and performance indicators of the functions and persons you and your channel are targeting. Participants produce a pipeline of new customers, opportunities, value propositions, and solutions. Solutions include your portfolio. The program includes a webinar, preparation, customized workshop, executive coaching.
Programs tailored to accelerate your strategy, portfolio and sales cadence
Scale new portfolio offerings...

Selling As-A-Service
Helps customer-facing sales and service make compelling proposals for products and solutions consumed as-a-service. Participants explore the business, financial and strategic benefits to customer executive and operational management and align value propositions to them. This program is customized to your strategy and portfolio. Participants create and test value propositions for their customers.
Win mission-critical customer initiatives...

Winning Complex Deals
Is an in-depth simulation that improves win rate on large deals, typically involving services. This program helps bid teams create a compelling statement of business value in addition to meeting mandatory technical requirements. Participating teams compete to win an opportunity mirroring the needs of target customers and following a typical bid process (interviews, yellow pad, best and final…). Executives play the role of key customer personas and stay in role throughout the session. Coaches help teams work more effectively and more collaboratively with the customer to present a compelling business case that meets/exceeds the technical and business requirements. Teams produce a value proposition, target solutions, pricing, term sheet, project plan, and executive engagement plan. Actual opportunity or case, 2-4 day workshop, executive coaching.
Programs tailored to accelerate your strategy, portfolio and sales cadence
Expand business with channel partners...

Financial and Business Acumen
Helps your channel business managers communicate the specific impact your offerings and programs can have on a channel partner's revenue and profit growth, market position and customer loyalty. It helps your channel managers relate your capabilities directly to the channel partner's strategy. The program is customized to your offerings and consists of a webinar, preparation, and a workshop.
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