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Selling to enterprises directly and through channels - maximizing global market coverage, profitability and customer executive satisfaction. For direct sales, engaging a broadening set of decision makers across lines of business, functions and levels of IT. For channels, helping partner managers demonstrate quantifiable business value to channel business owners and managers. And unifying executive engagement, consultative selling and value delivery across marketing, sales operations and solution delivery.


Consolidating new offerings to win the architectural sale: from “the internet of things”, across converged networks to hybrid cloud infrastructures. For sales, incorporating an architectural approach into solution development. For architects leading ‘enterprise architecture as strategy’ engagements. Helping portfolio managers take a customer perspective as they align new and existing products and services to the new style of IT.

Business models

Transitioning revenue and profit models to pay-per-use from purchase/maintenance. Engaging customers more consultatively: Mapping solutions to business and IT initiatives. Communicating the business value of investments in technology to customer business executives and getting credit for value you deliver. Demonstrating economies of new architectures to purchasing.

Executive coaching shapes content and business approach

C-level and VP Coaches

  • Ted McKie

    Ted McKie. Ted leads the Global Sales Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He develops and delivers programs for the sales and
  • Bob Simmons

    Bob Simmons. Bob leads the Global Services Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He focuses on strategies for practice optimization, solution creation,
  • Mathieu C

    General Manager and Vice President of Supply Chain and IT. Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Steel, Software products
  • Mike D

    Vice President of IT, Program manager exploration and production. Energy Industry.
  • Jeff S

    Vice President of IT, Vice President of Business Services. Financial Services.
  • Robin B

    CIO and Business Unit VP, Financial Services, Europe and Americas
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Blended and "flipped" programs catalyze change

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