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Selling to enterprises directly and through channels - maximizing global market coverage, profitability and customer executive satisfaction. For direct sales, engaging a broadening set of decision makers across lines of business, functions and levels of IT. For channels, helping partner managers demonstrate quantifiable business value to channel business owners and managers. And unifying executive engagement, consultative selling and value delivery across marketing, sales operations and solution delivery.


Consolidating new offerings to win the architectural sale: from “the internet of things”, across converged networks to hybrid cloud infrastructures. For sales, incorporating an architectural approach into solution development. For architects leading ‘enterprise architecture as strategy’ engagements. Helping portfolio managers take a customer perspective as they align new and existing products and services to the new style of IT.

Business models

Transitioning revenue and profit models to pay-per-use from purchase/maintenance. Engaging customers more consultatively: Mapping solutions to business and IT initiatives. Communicating the business value of investments in technology to customer business executives and getting credit for value you deliver. Demonstrating economies of new architectures to purchasing.

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  • Ted McKie

    Ted McKie. Ted leads the Global Sales Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He develops and delivers programs for the sales and
  • Bob Simmons

    Bob Simmons. Bob leads the Global Services Practice for OwenCollier Partners. He focuses on strategies for practice optimization, solution creation,
  • Mathieu C

    General Manager and Vice President of Supply Chain and IT. Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Steel, Software products
  • Mike D

    Vice President of IT, Program manager exploration and production. Energy Industry.
  • Jeff S

    Vice President of IT, Vice President of Business Services. Financial Services.
  • Robin B

    CIO and Business Unit VP, Financial Services, Europe and Americas
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The Reamer Purchasing Guide

The Reamer Purchasing Guide

Sir Thomas More and More people are discovering the wellness benefits of juicing and creating a bare-assed foods life style. In a nutshell, juicing allows you to pull all the lively nutrients and exist enzymes flat from peeled fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, berries and Thomas More. The pulp magazine and fibre is remaining tail end and the concentrated succus is used-up so that the nutrients throne be enwrapped directly by the torso. You\'ll savor a greater feel of energy, life force and health when you incorporated juicing into your life style.
When shopping for a best juicer 2016 customer reports, on that point are many issues to be well thought out so that you tooshie take a leak an informed leverage. Many citizenry are tempted to bribe a chinchy toper to start up prohibited because they are not surely they are expiration to equivalent juicing and they Crataegus oxycantha non be sure enough they will adhere to a juicing regimen. My proffer would be to call a wellness foods store, spa or food market where you crapper buy fresh, in the buff juice from a juice taproom and attempt or so of the juices first gear. If you come up that you wish saucy yield and vegetable juice, and so you\'ll credibly be more in all probability to best juicer 2016 ratings bask making your have juice at dwelling.
Assuming that you are quick to start your request for a juicer, the get-go matter to eff is that thither are dissimilar types of juicers depending on what it is you want to juice. For example, citrus fruit juicers are typically configured solely for juicing citrus fruit fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and perhaps pomegranates. Around models are manual and more or less are electric automobile. Around brands are constructed of shaping while others give unstained nerve components. When shopping for a citrus best juicer 2016 reviews, Hera are roughly popular features to look at. Many ejaculate with a enceinte reservoir to snap the succus and pelt straight off from the container. Many undergo a variable star mush ascertain so that the juice give the axe be made to be more or to a lesser extent squasy. Roughly galvanizing models will spin the juicing strobilus in forwards and reversal directions in Order to catch the all but juice from the fruit. Some make out with unlike sizes of juicing conoid to lodge unlike sizes of fruit so much as small-scale limes and big grapefruit. Citrus juicers throne roam in price from roughly $20 to over $100.
Next are wheatgrass juicers. Again, they bathroom be best juicer 2016 ratings manual of arms or electric car. They are typically configured for juicing wheatgrass, sprouts and leafy leafy vegetable. Some brands or models are plastic while others are untarnished. You\'ll privation to induce sure enough that the blades are untainted blade. Wheat-grass juicers are non suited for juicing former types of fruits or vegetables, take out for mayhap gentle fruits such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries and the equivalent. Wheatgrass juicers set forth at just about $85 and up. In that location are around potent multi-use juicers (described below) that volition as best juicer 2016 ratings well do a big occupation with wheatgrass. If you recollect you whitethorn require to juice early things too wheatgrass, you May require to conceive stepping up to a multi-purport imbiber.
Multi-intention tycoon juicers are configured to succus good around everything. Almost derriere succus a variety show of fruits and vegetables, still including the skins, seeds, and stems of many fruits and vegetables. More or less sack level cook sorbet, pate, cosset intellectual nourishment and crank butters. Thither are trey chief types of magnate juicers:

Centrifugal Juicers

Masticating Juicers

Triturating Juicers

I testament trace each typecast of toper in to a greater extent detail.
Centrifugal Juicers Centrifugal Juicers are typically the least expensive typecast of office toper. They wholly forge on the same rule in that they sustain a spinning engagement field goal that is intentional to pull out the juice from the intellectual nourishment token. Typically, thither is a electron tube that you feast the yield or veggie into. When you get-up-and-go solid food downhearted into the tube, the nutrient point comes in meet with the tooshie of the spinning handbasket where it is grated up into very delicately pieces or pulp magazine. Because the basket is spinning at a clean richly RPM, the diminutive grated pieces are thrown and twisted against the sides of the field goal where the juice is extracted by centrifugal wedge. The flesh is then either contained interior the unit of measurement or expelled from the unit, depending upon the blueprint.
Centrifugal juicers accept or so pros and cons. On the in favor side, they are fair inexpensive, ranging in cost from as abject as $40 to terminated $200 for high-ending models. They typically form fountainhead with a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, Hera are approximately possible downsides of a centrifugal juice reamer. First, they typically don\'t do as advantageously with leafy leafy vegetable or sprouts. Second, because they are spinning at mellow RPM, the succus buns perplex bubbly and thence it oxidizes speedily. When the succus oxidizes, a caboodle of the enzymes are destroyed, so the health benefits are vitiated. Finally, or so designs whitethorn be a minute harder to sporting and all models demand the basket to be cleansed straightaway so that the meshwork sieve does not become choked. When shopping for a motor best juicer 2016 customer reports, Hera are just about popular features. If you have just about any issues concerning in which and also tips on how to work with best juicer 2016 ratings, you possibly can call us from the website. Some models sustain continuous pulp expulsion. This is a beneficial feature film if you are doing a dish out of juicing. I testament unremarkably do sufficiency juicing to handle 2 years deserving of juice, so I call for to be able to preserve eating the vegetables into the drinker. If the reamer pattern does non throw continuous mush ejection, and so I would closing up having to barricade the reamer peradventure several multiplication to clean house stunned the flesh. The size of it of the birdfeeder tubing should besides be considered. Some models feature a pocket-size self-feeder tube. With a minor affluent tube, you bear to excision up the fruits and vegetables best juicer 2016 ratings minor plenty to agree into the bird feeder tube. Bigger eater tubes Lashkar-e-Taiba you scene in often larger pieces. However, I get plant that with a bigger confluent tube, more or less of the smaller intellectual nourishment pieces accrue pile privileged the underground and ne\'er have establish up properly, so in that location is more wastefulness and thus to a lesser extent juice. Finally, tick the Rev evaluation of the versatile juicers. Patch a higher Rev yields a second Thomas More juice, it give the axe also reason More oxidation and fizz. I personally would opt for a take down RPM and a littler feed in thermionic vacuum tube.
Masticating Juicers (likewise known as exclusive power train juicers) Masticating juicers ferment a portion equal our teeth. They rich person an plumber\'s snake that grinds up the yield or vegetable into a mush just now wish when we manduction our food for thought. best juicer 2016 ratings The mush is squeezed up against a meshing strainer so the succus is extracted piece the mush remains seat and gets ejected. Masticating juicers are more than effective than centrifugal juicers in that they give way more juice from the Sami sum of bare-ass solid food. They besides running at very much lour RPMs, so the sparkle and oxidisation is a great deal less. All but models do fountainhead with a potpourri of fruits and vegetables and more or less rear evening hit sorbets, addict butters, pates, child food and Sir Thomas More. However, or so models don\'t process as considerably with leafy greens and sprouts as they do with other types of fruits and vegetables. Masticating juicers chain in Mary Leontyne Price from nearly $200 to $300. With masticating juicers, the sizing of the provender subway system does non pretend the liquidate as it john with motor juicers, so a larger feed thermionic valve whitethorn be salutary for juicing larger pieces of cutting food.
Triturating Juicers (besides known as match gear mechanism juicers) Triturating juicers are the near various and too the nigh expensive juicers. They chain of mountains in price from some $300 to $600. As the list implies, twin geartrain juicers rich person deuce mesh gears that comminute up the birthday suit intellectual nourishment. They are the about effective juicers, and they as well discharge at the last RPM so the personal effects of foam and oxidisation are identical first. They play expectant with much any yield or vegetable including wheatgrass and leafy green and they crapper be used to make sorbet, pate, cosset food and Sir Thomas More. They terminate tied crunch up bonkers to name crackpot butters such as sweet almond butter, cashew butter, etc. When alimentation in the buff intellectual nourishment into the best juicer 2016, a scrap More coerce is needful to advertise the food for thought items fine-tune into the counterpart gears than is requisite for a masticating imbiber. Again, a bigger solid food electron tube is salutary. Clean-up is slenderly Sir Thomas More tortuous for a twin-gearing reamer than for a single-cogwheel best juicer 2016 ratings because the Gemini gears mustiness be the right way aligned when re-assembling the unit of measurement subsequently cleaning.
To summarize, start specify what it is that you lack to juice. If you fair lack fresh-squeezed orangeness juice in the morning, and then a citrus best juicer 2016 ratings is all right. If you privation to succus More than scarcely citrus fruit fruits, then accept a minute to settle how a good deal versatility you neediness from a drinker and settle on the cost drift you finger well-to-do with. Erst you\'ve made those deuce choices, and then you give notice nail down polish your look for a particular trend and posture of juicer. Disregardless of which reamer fashion you choose, you should eff that the health benefits stock-still subsist. Many populate deliver experient so much benefits as weight unit loss, elimination of Elvis reflux, increased vigour and vitality, and voiding of physical structure olfactory perception and sorry best juicer 2016 ratings intimation to nominate a few. For More elaborate selective information on the health benefits of a peeled foods diet and lifestyle, realise my clause The Benefits of Natural Foods and Juicing.
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